Fuel Savings Are Just The Beginning!

In addition to fuel savings, Xp3 has been protecting engines since 1989
and provides many additional important benefits including:

  • Reduces down time and expensive repairs
  • Cleans and protects vital engine parts such as injectors
  • Disperses water and inhibits bacteria growth in fuel
  • Reduces toxic emissions up to 40%
  • Provides antigel protection down to -10 degrees F
  • Reduces soot and wear on the SCR system
  • Improves lubricity and extends engine life up to 25%

What is Xp3?

Xp3 is 100% biodegradable fuel enhancer that is a combination of synthetic resins and organic compounds. It does NOT contain any alcohol, aromatics, or naphtha.

Xp3 has been manufactured since 1989 by XpLab, which is headquartered in San Diego, California. Xp3 is currently sold in 27 different countries and is treating BILLIONS of gallons of fuel annually.

Xp3 is great for engines that use gasoline, diesel, biodiesel (up to B20), and fuel oils (from #2 to #6).

(Short Video Demonstration of Xp3)

Why Haven't You Heard About Xp3 Before?

Many people wonder why they haven't heard of Xp3 before and the answer is simple. Xp3 is a powerful, commercial grade fuel enhancer that was designed to protect engines from poor fuel quality. Many countries outside of the USA have very poor quality fuels, which Xp3 dramatically improves, so it made sense for us to start selling where the demand is the greatest.

Also, Xp3 is not a "one time use" product like so many products in the marketplace today. Because of that, we use a team of distributors to share this product and help customers prove the effectiveness of Xp3 instead of selling on shelves in "chain stores".

Xp3 is Safe and Effective
In Gasoline, Diesel, and Heavy Fuels!

Xp3 is recommended for use in the following equipment...

  • Transportation Vehicles
  • Trains
  • Ships and Boats
  • Power Plants and Generators
  • Construction Equipment
  • Farm and Agricultural Equipment
  • Buses
  • Oil Heaters (Furnaces)

In 2014, Mayer Lumber partnered with us in a trial of Xp3 and the results were amazing. Overall, the "Trial Vehicles" experienced a 4.7% increase in MPG. In addition, the "Trial Vehicles" experienced a 40% decrease in soot in the used oil. This is proof of the improved combustion and also positively impacts maintenance costs and engine longevity.

CLICK ON THE PICTURE WITH THE GRAPHS to see a summary of the Xp3 savings and soot reports.

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Meet Your Certified Xp3 Consultant

Hello - My name is Tom Spudic and I'm the Xp3 distributor who brought you to this page. In 2011, a friend of mine called me and asked if I knew anyone who'd be interested in saving money on fuel? I told him that I was interested and he introduced me to Xp3. At that time, we had a 2007 Grand Prix that was averaging 24 mpg. After a few weeks of running Xp3, we were averaging 28 mpg, which is a 16% increase.

Because of our experience, I decided to become a distributor of Xp3. I knew the impact it would have in industries that use a lot of fuel and I am excited to share Xp3 with you.

Important Note: Xp3 absolutely works and we have a trial process to prove it to you. I will only sell Xp3 to drivers and companies who are willing to track a baseline and follow a few simple steps. This is important because people who track - prove that they are getting paid by partnering with us. We believe the reputation of Xp3 is too important to sacrifice for a one time sale to a company that is unwilling to track their savings.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly at (612) 508-3320.